TCCA Committees

Welcome to the Committee’s Page for the TCCA! Each committee has a separate set of duties that helps in handling the daily business of the TCCA. Please review the duties of each committee by selecting the duties link or you may email the chairperson any comments or questions by selecting their name:

There is always a great need for committee members. If you are interested in serving on one of the TCCA Committees, please complete a Committee Member Request Application.

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2016 Annual Conference Committee
Conference Committee Duties
Committee Chair: Tammy Odom, Texas City MC


Advisory Committee
Advisory Committee Duties
Committee Chair: Tammy Odom, Texas City MC   Shona Bohon, Midland  Shona Bohon, Midland    

Bylaws Committee
Bylaws Committee Duties
Committee Chair: Paul Rex, Jersey Village MC


Chapter Steering Committee
Steering Committee Duties
Committee Chair: Rhonda Kuehn, Brenham MC
Co-Chair: Landra Hudson Solansky, Seguin MC

Certification & Education Committee
Certification & Education Committee Duties
Committee Chair: Rhonda Kuehn, Brenham MC
Co-Chair: Pat Riffel, Friendswood MC Midland


Certification Program Financial Manager Committee
Certification Program Financial Manager Duties
Committee Chair: Jaime Brew, Sugarland MC

Conference Committee
Conference Committee Duties
Committee Chair: Tammy Odom, Texas City MC


Ethics Committee - Click:To File Ethics Complaint
Ethics Committee Duties
Committee Chair: Pat Riffel, Friendswood MC

Historian Committee
Historian Committee Duties
Committee Chair: Karen Armstrong, Greenville 


Internal Audit Committee
Audit Committee Duties
Committee Chair:Sean Leonard,Southlake MC
Co-chair:Jason Contatore, Cedar Park, MC

Legislative Committee - Click: To File Suggestions
Legislative Committee Duties
Committee Chair: Gloria Carter, Dallas MC


Membership Committee
Membership Committee Duties
Committee Chair: Landra Hudson Solansky, Seguin MC

Merchandise Committee
Merchandise Committee Duties
Committee Chair: Lisa Howard, Hurst MC
Co-Chair: Landra Hudson Solansky, Seguin MC


Officer Nominations Committee
Officer Nomination Committee Duties
Committee Chair: Jeanne Wilson, Big Spring MC MC MC   mc

Public Relations/Recognition Awards Committee
PR Committee Job Description 2015
Committee Chair: Veronica Brockington, Round Rock MC
Co-Chair: Paul Rex, Jersey Village MC



Publications Committee
Committee Chair: April Christiansen, Cedar Park MC  Mn C

Vendor Committee
Vendor Committee Duties
Committee Chair: Luevada Posey, Killeen MC



Website Committee
Website Committee Duties
Committee Chair: Kimberly Kierce, Richardson MC
Co-Chair: Brittany Rychlik, Sugarland MC

TML Representative
TML Rep Job Description
Rep: Landra Hudson Solansky, Seguin MC


Scholarship Committe
Scholarship Committee Duties
Committee Chair: Wende White, Cameron MC