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The Texas Court Clerk’s Association represents all members of the state.  At the local level, the association’s chapters are regionally placed to network court clerks,  to provide additional educational training, to conduct business meetings, and to represent the Chapter members at the State level for the TCCA Annual Meetings.  Chapters are assigned by County.  TCCA Chapters by County.pdf

The Texas Court Clerk Association is subdivided over Texas into six regions. As the population growth changes, our organization demographics also change.  The six main regional boundaries are set to sub-divide for up to 15 chapters to allow for additional association growth.  The chapters that are undeveloped are represented by the main chapter for that region.

A member interested in developing one of the undeveloped sub-chapters may contact your Chapter President or the TCCA Chapter Steering Committee Chair for more information.

Central Texas Region

Central Texas Chapter

Brazos Chapter – represented by main chapter

Lone Star Chapter – represented by main chapter

Gulf Coast Region

Gulf Coast Chapter

Piney Woods Chapter – represented by main chapter

Panhandle Region

Panhandle Chapter  represented by West Texas chapter

Red River Chapter – represented by West Texas chapter

South Plains Chapter – represented by West Texas chapter

West Texas Region

West Texas Chapter

Big Bend Chapter – represented by main chapter

Rio Grande Chapter – represented by main chapter

Texas Court Clerks Association

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