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To maintain your certification you must complete and submit proof of continuing education no later than August 31st annually.

A total of 12 hours of education must be completed to maintain your Level I or Level II certification.  A total of 20 hours must be completed to maintain your Level III certification.  A maximum of 8 hours may be completed online (not in person).

Continued education must be provided by TMCEC, TCCA, TCCA Local Chapters, TMCA or an approved alternate provider.

Failure to submit the required hours of continued education for two or more years will result in a loss of all levels of certification.

To appeal a loss of certification, you must submit this application to the TCCA Education Committee Chair.

Anyone denied continuing hours resulting in forfeiture of certification may file an appeal to be heard by the Education Committee.  This appeal must be submitted through use of this Appeal Form

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